Teachers 2023


Britta von Tagen, USA


Britta von Tagen has been teaching Nia since 1995. She teaches the first three levels of Nia training; White Green and Blue Belts worldwide. She brings the sacred art of storytelling to all of her Nia classes as a way for people to go deeper into their imagination and creative process of life. When Britta is not traveling she has been learning the fine art of simple carpentry as well as teaching Nia to children and Nia in the water. If Britta is not teaching at her studio, you will find her hiking in the mountains and soaking in the natural hot springs.


Classes with Britta

Friday 18-19:15: Nia ”Earth” – Stepping into the weekend
Step onto the Earth, grounding and rooting into the forest floor. Feel the Earth beneath your feet. Connect to gravity then RISE UP. Music focusing on the element of EARTH.


Saturday 11-12:15: Nia ”Air”
Use your breath to enhance and guide each move of your Nia dance.  Dance in the Sky, the sky is your dance floor. Be the wind or dance with the wind.


Saturday 16-17:15: Nia ”Fire”
Start and stop moves to generate heat in the body. Let the element of Fire ignite your eternal flame and passions. Light up your soul.


Sunday 13:15-14:30: Nia ”Water”
Swim with the fish, swim with your love of the ocean. Preserve the element of water using dance as a call to action. Spread the word let if flow like water.



Amir Jaan

Amir’s fascination in the White Tantric Temple Arts began over 25 years ago. These are energetic practices that establish, strengthen, and sustain optimum health; physical, mental, and emotional. Amir’s years of teaching with the general public, charities supporting people in recovery, young offenders, and private consultations for those with particular and/or special needs, have contributed to the breadth of his experience.


Amir’s specialist knowledge in the field of Humanology has forged him into a powerful instrument to assist those with a desire or need to approach character and health reformation, in an organic, safe, and self healing way. His many years of teaching have refined Amir’s intuitive observation and sensitivity to what is required in each moment for each of those present in the theatre in which he shares his work.


Amir’s own ongoing, personal inquiry and public investigation into yogic science, physical and spiritual anatomy and the way they all work together have led him to develop a fusion of yoga practices. These incorporate exquisite music and cross- pollinate complementary practices from a variety of wisdom traditions. The practices are both experimental and experiential; producing a practical and functional toolkit to help mitigate the stress and tension of modern life. It is a practice that is simple, achievable, sustainable, and effective. It is important to Amir that his classes are accessible and available for everyone regardless of tradition, experience, age, and physical ability.


Yoga Classes with Amir


Friday 19:30-20:30: Wu Chi – Without Limits

Step into the weekend with a sense of Being Unlitimed.
The words ”Wu Chi” Mean ’Without Limits” and is represented by and empty circle that symbolises the infinite nature of pure energy before it takes form.


Saturday 14:15-15:45: Yindalini Tantra – Kaizen Medizen

In this series of workshops, Amir will explain the subtle, delicate and sophisticated but potent way that his unique style, which he calls – Yindalini Tantra – opens you up to the potential for deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. Learn to Move in through & beyond the senses abilities into the stillness and silence of the forever Now.


Sunday 13-14: YouRu – You Are the Light

You Are the Light – You R U – You are your own Guru
The times of looking for a guru outside of ourselves are over – true self-reliance is the key. Meditation, yoga, mantra, mindfulness, prayer and affirmations are good starting points. However life itself has to become our continuous and ongoing spiritual practice.


Sandra Adrian


Sandra är E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), internationellt certifierad yogalärare. Hon är undervisar hathayoga, vinyasa, restorative yoga och gravidyoga. Hon är också utbildad i Yinyoga som har sitt ursprung i TKM (traditionell kinesisk medicin) och är certifierad Mindfulnessinstruktör.

Sandra är mycket inspirerad av sin praktik vid Santhi School of Yoga and Vedanta studies i Indien. Hon kombinerar traditionell yoga med teman till yogaklasserna i såväl vardagens äventyr som från den yogiska filosofin och mytologin, schamanismen, de fem elementen i naturen och i alla människor hon möter. Sandra är djupt intresserad av allt som rör och berör kropp och själ. Sandra fortsätter kontinuerligt att utbilda sig inom yoga, meditation, ayurveda och traditionell kinesisk medicin.

”Yoga är ett energiarbete som hjälper oss att förstå oss själva och bidra till välmående på alla plan, fysiskt, mentalt och spirituellt” säger Sandra.


Yoga class with Sandra

Sunday 9:15-10:30: Yoga Roots
”Roots” är en skön yogaklass som kombinerar lugn slow flow och stilla yinyoga. Klassens genomgående tema är elementet jord, och klassen har utformats för att du på olika sätt ska återfå balans, lugn och grundning i kroppen och sinne. Sandra guidar dig med värme och omsorg in i en djupare medveten närvaro och en mer intim kontakt med dig själv. Här finns även inslag av pranayama (andning), mudras (yogiska handpositioner för energiarbete) och guidad meditation.



Carina-Maria Möller


I am in an ongoing exploration about how conscious dance and movement can support people’s embodiment, creativity and health. Since 1988 I’ve been working with groups (drama, voice, movement) and since 2004 I work full time with Lifedancing.

I have my background in acting, singing and working as a theatre pedagogue within the tradition of physical theatre (Jerzy Grotowski/Sören Larsson and Roy Hart Theatre/Jan Rådvik). In the field of conscious dance I’m trained by Berit Hague. Other important impulses have come from Gabrielle Roth, Chameli Ardagh, Thomas Jordan and Sally Kempton.

I have BA in conflict management and I have worked with organisational development. I am a qualified Life coach, graduated at Strandska Utvecklingshuset.

I am 59 years old, I have two children, two bonus children and four bonus grandchildren. My base is in Gothenburg but I also work regularly in Germany and in Greece.


Lifedancing with Carina-Maria

Saturday 9:15-10:45: LifeDancing

Your dance, your way.
For you who never have danced, for you who always have danced.
You will explore how free dancing and movement can help you to a deeper, body centered presence. Du will strengthen your ability to sense your body from within (instead of looking at it as an object from the outside).
When you are at home in your body, it will be easier to let go into your dance and to meet others.


Anna Rosander


Anna is educated within health promtion and is a very appreciated Nia Black Belt Teacher and Somatic Educator. She has inspired people to find Joy of Movement since 2014.

Anna creates a lovely space filled with warmth, safety and a life energy that leaves no-one untouched. In a creative and inspiring way she will invite your inner dancer to come to life. You feel touch into joy and connection to the whole of you.


Nia with Anna

Sunday 10:15-11:15: Nia – Form & Freedom

Form and Freedom, Nias call to Yin and Yang. You are the creator of your Nia experience. The form, your body, the movements and the structure, will give is the foundation to dance freely, wildly and balanced. Through the form we can open new doors to creativity, new body sensations, movements and mental patterns.


We welcome you warmly to a lovely weekend in community!